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Building distributed and on-demand tech teams is an innovative concept for both businesses and freelancers alike, there are many issues to consider to ensure success is delivered for both parties.

Distributed’s market insights share key thought leadership pieces on themes central to the successful delivery.

  • Published On: 18 July 2022Categories: Blogs

    Everyone’s worried about the great resignation but the malaise affecting IT workers has deeper roots than the changes brought about by the pandemic. CIOs need to rethink their staff retention strategy.

  • Published On: 29 June 2022Categories: Blogs

    We've successfully secured £8m in a follow-on funding round, co-led by Downing Ventures and Guinness Ventures.

  • Published On: 29 June 2022Categories: Blogs

    The ‘great resignation’ has led to more people freelancing, which in turn is driving creation of an infrastructure designed to make freelance work more rewarding and less risky. Private Talent Clouds are among the innovations.

  • Published On: 21 June 2022Categories: Blogs

    With companies constantly chasing scarce technology talent, a new model has emerged that combines flexibility with access to world-leading expertise. Here is why Private Talent Clouds are growing. 

  • Published On: 17 June 2022Categories: Blogs

    Distributed is thrilled to announce that Adam Morehead has joined Distributed as Head of Community. Adam is a thought leader and global authority on open talent, crowdsourcing, and distributed work.

  • Published On: 16 June 2022Categories: Blogs
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