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There will never be enough developers
to meet demand

There are currently over 1.9 million software development vacancies (US & UK), this will grow by over 20% per year for the next 5 years. Every US and UK university combined will only graduate 65,000 developers per year.

Talent is taking longer to recruit, costing more and staying in permanent roles for less time. Typically it takes 3 – 5 months to recruit developers and the average software development tenure, regardless of specific discipline, is under 18 months.

This presents a huge problem for CTOs, CIOs, and others who rely on software to drive their business. Developing and launching new products and services are inevitably compromised in this environment.

Talent wants to be independent


88% of the workforce say they will freelance in the future, 36% of the tech workforce are already freelancers and this number is growing by around 10% per year.


Skilled developers and software engineers do not want their careers tied to maintaining legacy systems and platforms, they want to work on challenging projects.


They want to work remotely, from where they choose and when they choose. The impact of the Covid pandemic merely accelerated a trend that had been growing for years.


The best tech talent is happy to accept the negatives that freelancing brings – unpredictable income, lack of benefits, lengthy admin processes, chasing payments – in order to achieve this independence.

Elastic Teams solve the problems for both parties

Distributed’s private talent cloud meets the needs of enterprise clients and independent tech talent

Distributed’s Elastic Teams increase the size of the talent pool for every business

  • The perfect team for each problem is globally distributed
  • Use talent fractionally (no more large permanent teams)
  • Blend teams to ensure a continuous supply of specialized talent as and when needed

Our Elastic Team offers the best tech talent independent freelance careers with more benefits than permanent employment.

  • Permanent employee benefits with the work variety of freelancing
  • Guaranteed freelancing income
  • Training, mentoring, financial planning and career guidance
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