Looking for the perfect thing to accompany your morning/afternoon/‘probably shouldn’t be having one this late’ coffee? We’ve got just the podcast!

Listen to our CEO, Cal Adamson, on the latest episode of Open Assembly’s podcast ‘Work’ as he chats about how Private Talent Clouds are shaking up the enterprise sector and what it means for big businesses’ relationships with global talent. 

We won’t spoil the whole thing as it’s well worth listening to, but here’s a sneak peek of what’s discussed:

  • Why traditional talent models aren’t enough to meet the demand for developer talent
  • What the needs of freelancers are, how they’ve changed, and why it’s important to nurture talent
  • The reason why Distributed was started, how it’s grown, and where we’re heading next
  • The differences between Private and Public Talent Clouds and why you’re seeing the emergence of Private Talent Clouds
  • How Distributed builds teams and looks after talent 
  • How enterprises can gain a competitive edge by using open talent

So, grab your brew and follow this link to find the podcast over on Open Assembly. Happy listening!

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