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“10/10 use them in the future. There is an important reason why. I do not know of any other scaling partner that is approved at the moment within Capita, so they are really well positioned”

Peter Gilbertson

IT & Programmes Director

“Distributed’s business model is unique and it’s already helping dozens of Capita’s companies”

Jon Lewis

CEO | Capita

“They are the easiest, simplest, and most accommodating IT supplier I have, and I have about 15”

Paul Goddard

IT Director | Security Watchdog

“The people from Distributed are in that top percentile and that’s what makes a difference. They know their stuff and I’ve been impressed”

Stephen Russell

Group Director | Ministry of Justice

Distributed’s Elastic Teams can be deployed within days, not months, significantly increasing the impact for your business.

Private talent clouds give enterprise organisations access to the highest quality tech talent in composable, quickly deployed teams
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  • Want to scale up or down during different stages of projects?
Use elastic teams in your business

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